Saturday, October 09, 2004

Great Debate Moments I'd Like to See: Exposing Kerry's Lies

Once, just once, I'd like to see George Bush respond thus when Kerry calls him a liar in the next debate:

"Now Senator Kerry, you keep accusing me of lying to the American people in order to influence policy. That's not fair or accurate and you know it. You had access to the same intelligence information that I did, and you reached the same conclusion: Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. You also know that there were many reasons I went into Iraq; reasons that you supported. You know that I have not lied to the American people, and the act of you calling me a liar is in itself a lie. It's a lie that's almost as bad as lying to the American public about spending Christmas in Cambodia in 1968 because Nixon ordered you to... when you didn't spend Christmas in Cambodia and Richard Nixon wasn't even the president! Senator Kerry, why did you lie on the floor of the United States Senate about spending Christmas in Cambodia? Was it to influence US policy in Central America? Is that why you lied?"

I know that George Bush won't touch any of the SwiftVets' allegations against John Kerry with a ten foot pole... even though Kerry has tacitly admitted to the veracity of many of those charges including the 'Christmas in Cambodia' whopper. I just wish he would hit his challenger right smack between the eyes, so the public could see the depth of hypocrisy that comprised John Kerry. SwiftVets, are you listening? Make this commercial!

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